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Tahiti Honeymoons & Romantic Vacations

Romantic Overwater BungalowsA Tahiti honeymoon to the romantic islands within French Polynesia have long been synonymous with a vacation to paradise. With beautiful fine white sand beaches, warm crystal clear waters, emerald green mountains and spectacular scenery, mere words can hardly describe the beauty, serenity and magical essence that will fill your very being when you arrive at these islands on your Tahiti honeymoon.

Tahiti is a perfect choice for a relaxing or active vacation or honeymoon.  The average high temperature is 83° in the winter and 86° in the summer.  The water temperature in Tahiti stays at a reliable 79° - 84° all year long - an almost perfect climate.

Some of the world’s best surfing, scuba diving, and snorkeling are found in Tahiti. Also popular are enjoying exquisite French Polynesian cuisine, beach strolling, relaxing in the sand, sunset watching, and walking through beautiful tropical gardens. Getting to know the very hospitable and friendly Tahitian people are unforgettable highlights of any visit or honeymoon to these magical Islands.

Only 7-1/2 hours flying time from Los Angeles, Tahiti lies in the South Pacific between North America and Australia. Tahiti and Hawaii are in the same time zone and about equidistance from the equator. See map

We love the beautiful islands of French Polynesia (Tahiti). Our Travel Consultants have been arranging romantic honeymoons and vacations to Tahiti, Bora Bora, Taha'a, Moorea and the other islands of French Polynesia for nearly two decades. Our agents have visited the islands numerous times and have an intimate understanding of the hotels, culture and the beautiful people of these magical islands.